TODAY! It starts as soon as you register and start logging your experiences.  The challenge is open for entry year-round and runs for 52 weeks from the day you first learned about the challenge and registered.

YES!! The challenge is open to anyone, anywhere in the world.

In short NO! You should start the challenge and start counting experiences from the day you undertook and tracked your first experience. The point of the challenge is to make a commitment that for the next 52 weeks you will do an experience a week.

Experiences are the things you would like to see, do or try in order to feel happy and fulfilled with your life. They are the activities we like to do for fun and spend our personal time doing.

Our challenge is focused on the outdoor activities you like to spend your personal time doing and designed to motivate you to do more of these activities whilst encouraging you to reconnect with nature.

Your experiences are any activity you would like to do in your personal time and whilst some of the experiences you select to have over the 52 weeks of the challenge may be on your bucket list they do not need to be. 

No, this challenge is all about you and you making a personal commitment to live your best life by selecting and having the experiences you personally would like to have and which will leave you the most fulfilled and happy.

That being said you will find ideas and suggestions in the Challenger Guide and inspiration in the Facebook Group and from posts to Facebook and Instagram by other challengers.

No, you shouldn’t log an experience that is exactly the same.  However, each experience does not need to be unique.  The overall experience must just be new to you.  New meaning you can undertake the same activity but do so in a new way or location.   

The challenge was created to break the pattern of you doing the same thing over and over again and to not only have you try new things but have you look to do the things you love to do in new ways and in new locations. 

If you miss doing an experience in a week or a couple of weeks you should look to catch up and seek to have more experiences in subsequent weeks.  Remember by joining the challenge you are making a commitment to yourself to live intentionally and have more experiences and should look to complete 52 experiences over the 52 weeks.

To track your experiences, you will be supplied upon registration with an Experience Challenge log, where you should list your weekly experiences to help you keep accountable and motivated.

This with your experience photo posts to social media will help us to verify you have completed the challenge when looking to select 2021’s Challenge winners.

The weekly activity prizes are awarded based on experience posts to social media using the hashtag #52ExperiencesChallenge.

Eligibility for the monthly challenge prizes and 2 x grand prizes requires you to have selected to purchase our Premium or Ultimate packages and for you to share your Experience log and your Experience photos to social media using the hashtag #52ExperiencesChallenge.

For a chance to win one of the 2 x Grand Prizes you will also have to fill out the Challenge Finisher form on completion of the Challenge.

All challengers will need to complete their 52 experiences by April 30th 2022 and submit their completed Challenger Finisher Form and their Challenge Experience Log by the May 16th 2022 to be added to be eligible for the Experiencer of the Year Award and to be added to the 2021 Challenger Wall of Fame.

We leave it to you to decide how you would like to have your experiences.  So, you can choose to undertake your experiences by yourself, with family, with your partner, with friends and even with other members of our community.

In fact, we would love you to encourage your family and friends to join you in registering and taking up the challenge.


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